Our Boys

Corey's Cooper Iron Angel  "COOPER"

No, we did NOT want a male dog! No, No, No!  But you know, there are just times when you can
NOT resist what�s put in front of you and when we went "just to look" at the puppies.....his soulful
sweet face grabbed our hearts and that was that! Since that time, in April of 2003, his silliness has kept
us laughing, and there is nothing better than a big ol� male golden to hug and cuddle!


On November 25, 2014 we had to say good-bye to our wonderful Cooper.
His many silly antics will always be remembered as will his sweet loving nature. 
He really was the perfect golden, in every sense. 
So thankful that we have some of his offspring close that we can
still enjoy the silliness that was only Cooper. 
We miss you Coop-Manny-Man... 



      Goldenoaks Dakota Blue Jewel "Dakota Blue"    

 From Gretchen's and Cooper's litter, born June 13, 2006, we just could not resist this wonderful puppy!  
   Dakota has all the positive characteristic that makes a golden a golden!  
He has his Dad's silliness, and he is a total love.... when he will stand still for pets!!! 
In January we made the tough decision to have Dakota neutered, so he is not available for stud.


    4 Years Old