Our Girls

Daisy Creeks Golden Gretchen "Gretchen"

My "Sweet Petite". So much energy packed in this compact body! We chose Gretchen from her litter
when she was just 3 weeks old.  As the only female in the litter, it wasn’t a hard choice, but I can
tell you, it was the absolute perfect choice!  When we brought Gretchen home, in November of 2003,
she instantly bonded with Tessa and Cooper.  She was also one of the happiest puppies I’ve
ever seen!!  As she has gotten older she has mellowed into a wonderful little sweetheart...
but oh, boy...she’s still got loads of energy!



It's with a heavy heart that I have to update the webpage with the news that Gretchen went to the Rainbow Bridge on June 27, 2014.
At the age of 10 Years, 8 months and 15 days.  Gretchen had 32 wonderful puppies, and she was THE BEST MAMA EVERY...
Run free, my Sweet Petite... You know you were my favorite even though I wasn't supposed to have a favorite...
I will love you and miss you ..... ALWAYS.




Goldenoak Hannah of Dasycrk "Hannah"

  Hannah came home with us in August of 2004, and I sometimes called her my "forgotten puppy".
She was such a good girl, there were times when we’d realize "hey, where’s Hannah" and she’d
be sitting right next to us, chewing a chew bone... minding her own business, not a care in the world.
I don’t remember having to tell her "No" more than once for much of anything!  When Hannah was a
little over a year old we found out that her mother had a few health issues, so Hannah was spayed,
Hannah has found a new best-friend in Dakota!   They do love to play!!




Hooch's Goldenoak Heather Bear  "Heather"

Our big ole Heather-Bear arrived in our home in November of 2004, and our hearts were lost in
an instant to this sweet cuddle-bear of a puppy!   As she was welcomed into our home by
the other dogs, it was amazing to see her sit back and watch what the "big dogs" were doing,
and she learned right along side of them.  As she’s gotten older, she has developed
a loving, gentle and sweet personality that is all her own...
100% Golden Retriever!



It's with a heavy heart that I write this...

On Feb 10, 2011, Heather Bear went to the Rainbow Bridge after what might have been
a reaction to the anesthesia when, after producing three litters of outstanding puppies,
we were having her spayed.  She went peacefully, during surgery with no suffering at all. 
We miss our Heather Bear so much, she was a GREAT Mom, and a GREAT golden!




Goldenoaks Estee's Pure White Linen


We are so excited to be able to keep one of Heather's puppies!!! 
We knew within a week from birth that she was going to be our baby! 
Her calm demeanor and beautiful smile are so much like her Mama!  
I can't wait to watch this beauty grow up!  
Where did that name come from, you ask?   Each of our litters has a theme, 
and this one litter was the "Perfumes and Colognes".
She is named after one of my favorites!   Estee Lauder!


  1 Year Old! 




Sunshine Behaven or Else


Introducing Haven to our Goldenoak family!

Haven came from Sunshine Goldens Kennel in Wisconsin and joined our family
in June of 2012.  She has been a pure joy and a great puppy!!!



On March 18, 2014 Haven went to the Rainbow Bridge due to a blockage, caused by her eating a piece of carpet. 
One strand of carpet got entwined in her intestines and we were not able to save her.

Haven was a beauty, and such a sweet gentle little girl. 
Our hearts are heavy with sadness without Haven here with us.




In Loving Memory 

Ole Tessa's Melody "Tessa"

(May 29, 1994 - Dec. 16, 2006)