Heather and Cooper

Puppies born January 23, 2007

"The Morning Litter"



Heather and Cooper puppies!

Born January 23, 2007


  6 Weeks Old! 



47 Days Old

Harley                       Julius                         Bauer


Birdie                            Lily                            Bessie



  Growing Up 

The Boys


  Harley- His forever home is in Minnesota 




  Jules- His forever home is in Washington   

Our hearts are broken for MJ and Larry on the sad loss of their boy, Jules.
He went to the Rainbow Bridge on November 22, 2013
What a special boy, who touched so many!



Jules with his big sister, Jasmine Skye! 
To add to the sorrow of Jules passing away in Nov 2013, MJ and Larry also
lost their precious Jasmine in January of 2014.  
Two very special goldens!  ♥♥




  Bauer- His forever home is in Iowa 



Play Date For Lily and Bauer!
Memorial Day Weekend 2009




The Girls

  Birdie- Her forever home is in Iowa 



  Birdie and her Goldenoak brother, Bogey 


  Lily- Her forever home is in Iowa 


Lily & Birdie have a play day!



  Bessie- Her forever home is in Connecticut 





Harley, Heather and Birdie

Lily, Heather and Cooper